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Volunteering - it's officially good for you. Andrea (centre) with Jenny and Val making the St Johns Tea Dance on Jersey a success. Can you help ? ..... We need volunteers to help us run afternoon events in vil lage, town halls and community centres. You could use your dance experience in helping people re learn old routines or even help with our digital dance workshops where we familarise tech to keep active and in touch. Or serve up tea !

We are helping to beat loneliness and support the over 50's in being active and  happy.... You do not have to dance at our events. Many people come to watch, enjoy the music chat and generally have a good time. The dancing is always there if you feel like joining in. There are many experienced dancers always willing to help.

We will support you to hold your own community tea dance events.... Our mission is to support communities in setting up their own events under the tea dance umbrella. We will support you in arranging hall hire, marketing, music and dance style. As volunteers you will be covered under our public liabillity cover and music licence. We can show you how to orgasnise themes that will make your event a great success.

Tea dance club is a community interest company (C.I.C) .... This means that 65% of the profit we make is invested back into our community project. Our company is registered in the UK company no. 11907912. We are also registered in Jersey CI as a Not For Profit Organisation (NPO) no. 1208. We welcome any support.

With your support we are looking to expand our project across Devon the South West of the UK and Channel Islands. We need support in not only growing our events but also in growing our business model which is focused on providing support to people in later life (over the age of 50). Our main focus is loneliness and keeping active and healthy and we are interested in developing ways of using technology innovation to keep us digitally and socially connected in our later years. We are proud to be supported by the following organisations:-

Karl Busch - Founder - [email protected] - 07930 867190

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